5 steps to be more sustainable with your clothing

Do you want to achieve a more sustainable wardrobe but don’t know how? Or are you daunted by the prospect of an ethical wardrobe equalling more money? Well what if we told you how to lead a more sustainable life with your clothing and that it’s not going to cost as much as you think… Here's 5 easy steps to help you create a more sustainable wardrobe. 

1 - The 30 wears test

Have you ever looked at an item of clothing and thought I could wear that at least 30 different times? Well this is what the 30 wears test is based on. Livia Firth first launched the #30Wears campaign in 2016, encouraging further consumer awareness of fashion wastage. A simple question ‘will I wear this item at least 30 times before throwing it out?’ If yes, then buy it but if no then don’t. 

Invest in versatile pieces that you can style at least 3 different ways and no matter the season. Longevity is key so try to stay away from clothing that you will only wear once or has only one purpose. 

2 - Research your brands

When buying clothing, do you ever look at the brand’s history or values? Nowadays brands are becoming more and more transparent about their production processes and workplace practices, and it’s important to pay attention to them. What is the brand’s stance on sustainability? Make sure you buy from a brand that aligns with your values and not endorse those that do not operate in an ethical manner. If you can’t find out about how a brand operates then more often than not they don’t want you to know about it for a reason.... 

3 - Invest in trans-seasonal clothing

Clothing doesn’t have to fit into seasonal categories. There are plenty of designs that can be worn both in the summer and winter and for different purposes. For instance our Sahara Midi Dress can be worn as a beach cover up over swimwear as well as layered over a slip dress paired with heels for an evening event.

printed sheer midi dress over orange bikini
sheer printed midi dress over slip dress and heels  

There’s no need to buy lots of different clothing for a specific season, trans-seasonal dressing is the way forward. 

4 - Donate unwanted clothes

You know those clothes that have been sitting in the back of your wardrobe untouched for about a year… it’s time to donate them. Not only is this a chance to spring clean but also help a good cause. You could even try the one-in one-out policy; every time you buy something new you have to donate an existing item in your wardrobe. This helps save space too! 

5 - Quality over quantity 

It can be very tempting to buy more for less but think back to the 30 wears test, would you actually wear all these items 30 different times? Buying 20 high quality sustainable items a year is much better than buying 60 non-sustainable pieces. Quality clothing lasts longer and can help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

At GUARDI sustainability is at the forefront of our design and throughout our supply chain. We use recycled and sustainable materials or deadstock fabrics that would have otherwise been sent to landfill and make sure all our workers are treated and paid fairly. Find out more about our sustainable practices here. 

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