Women Changing the Game - Veronika Guardi

Women Changing the Game
I have been working alongside some incredible women who are determined to make a positive change through their work. Naturally, these conversations have led me to meet other inspiring business owners who are also determined to make an impact. It just so happens that all of these women, are working mothers.

Veronika Guardi
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Veronika Guardi, the visionary and designer behind her self named brand ‘ GUARDI ’. Veronika is an incredibly driven, yet compassionate business woman who has sustainable fashion at the very heart of her brand. As a mother of two, Veronika understands that we are passing a legacy down to our children; the planet is their future and now is the time to make amends to way we have treated it so far.
GUARDI launched just before the pandemic hit, but still stands today and is more successful than ever. The designs speak for themselves; timeless, flattering and unique. But it’s not just me who thinks this; GUARDI has been featured in Vogue,Tatler and Stella Magazine to name but a few. When talking to Veronika, she explained her belief that some old fashion values need to come back into play. She recalls that her mother would take her shopping twice a year, buying only the items of clothing that were needed. Each piece would be of really high quality and would serve all manner of occasions. She has carried this notion through to her adult life and encourages the idea that buying one off, timeless pieces that transition throughout the seasons, can make a huge difference to our wardrobes and the planet.

The Perfect Dress

Klara Dress

The Klara dress is a perfect example of GUARDI’s style. It suits many shapes and sizes, is comfy, made from organic cotton, has drawstrings at the waist and best of all? It has pockets. Functional, side pockets. Veronika Guardi knows what makes the perfect dress.
Deadstock Designer
(Deadstock definition; fabrics that are surplus to order, otherwise going to waste.) 

Something that GUARDI’s customers find so appealing, is the exclusivity of the label. When a piece has sold out, that’s it. When Veronika creates her designs, she does so using only deadstock fabrics. Therefore, customers own a one of a kind item, that won’t be seen churned out in a store for weeks to come. GUARDI holds very limited stock and takes more of an ‘on demand’ approach. What GUARDI does do from time to time however, is offer particularly sought after items in a fresh, new fabric.

I wondered aloud whether Veronika thought her customers were aware of just how ethical the brand is. She said that most seem to find it a really pleasant surprise and is definitely something that draws them back.

I was really interested to learn how GUARDI’s design process works. When I spoke with Veronika, she was looking through a selection of deadstock swatches. From there, she will choose the fabrics that lend themselves to her designs and create something wonderful. GUARDI ensures that any leftover fabrics are put to good use.There is a great selection of scarves and accessories made from the left over fabrics that ensure that nothing goes to waste. 

Fairly Paid and Family Run
It is really refreshing, yet unsurprising, to learn that GUARDI is a family run business working out of an ethical factory in Europe. All of the employees are offered flexible working hours and are fairly paid, unlike some of the hideous conditions many people work in within the fashion industry.

It goes without saying, GUARDI is a brand to watch. 

By Natalie Wilkinson Edwards 

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